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Please note that when booking a ticket to any MEETMINGLEANDGO events, you confirm that you accept the terms & conditions as set out below.

MEETMINGLEANDGO host virtual events where people can meet up safely within an online video session for a relaxed environment, we cannot guarantee a match will be made with another member as we are not matchmaking experts but we can garantee it will be an enjoyable social event where you will meet many other people.

We are not responsible to check on the personal information given to us by our members such as their age, marital status or any other information of their background. You are advised to verify their personal information to your own satisfaction and to do so with caution, if you proceed to communicate with them further after the event.

Please also take caution when contacting any fellow members that you would use when meeting any new acquaintance through MEETMINGLEANDGO websites or our booked events.

We will never give out any of your personal information without your sole permission, unless we are required by the law to do so. What we do share with other members are strictly limited to an email address only, and that's only if a match between members are made.

Due to promoting safety amongst our guests MEETMINGLEANDGO do not condone swapping your personal contact details (i.e telephone numbers or/and addresses)  at any of our online video events and in doing so, it will be at YOUR OWN RISK.

Due to unforeseen circumstances we reserve the right to move the event to an alternative date should we need to. However, if this does happen, we will always provide our guests with as much notice as deemed possible.

In the event of an event being cancelled event we will provide a full refund.

Please ensure you can make the event which is booked as we do not offer any refunds.

We do our upmost to provide a balance of males and females at each event, but it cannot be guaranteed that this can always be achieved and accept no responsibility for an uneven ratio.

All guests are required to treat their fellow members with respect and courtesy. Should any member become offensive or abusive, we reserve the right to remove their account or remove them from the online video session.

We will not be responsible nor liable for any emotional upset or physical harm that may arise from communications with other members, before, during or after one of our events, without limitation. Although we try every effort to prevent such outcomes at all events. 

By purchasing a ticket to a MEETMINGLEANDGO event you warrant that you are at least 20 years old.

Guests are responsible for turning up to an event on time. If guests turn up late to an event, we are under no obligation to allow them to participate in the event.

Every care is taken to ensure that information on our website is correct and accurate; however we cannot guarantee that this will always be possible. 

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