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Frequently Asked Questions

MeetMingleandGo’s useful frequently asked questions (FAQ) section provides information for people who haven’t been to a speed dating event before or require further information regarding the events. Take a look before you make a booking with us as they are sure to be of help to you.  If you’re still unsure about anything to do with speed dating evenings just get in touch with us at MeetMingleandGo.com where our staff can help you out in a friendly and understanding way.


Search for an event, once you locate the event you are interested in booking. Click on ‘book now’ and follow the process to make payment. Once payment is complete you will be taken back to the events web page where you can see your ticket.
Most speed daters are professionals who want to meet more people. They're generally normal, attractive people who just aren't meeting people through their work or immediate circle of friends.
It depends on the event. All of our events are arranged into specific age groups. Check our events page for all of our events and their age bands.
Yes all events have a specific set age range, if you are outside you will not be eligible to join. This is so all members are meeting people inside the age range that they are attending.
We aim to have 15 men and 15 women at each event. That's usually enough to decide, as you don't want to get overwhelmed with too many different faces and names
Approximately 3 minutes, seems like a short time, however, it is long enough to know whether you would like to invest a few hours getting to know each other on a further date.
There will be all different types of events, from professional to themed nights, to lunchtime dates, however you will be able to see this on our events web page.
Your at home so dress in something you feel comfortable and confident in - sometimes making that extra effort goes a long way and makes you feel like your really meeting at an event.
Yes, all events are online so anyone can join, just be aware of the age range in each event.
These events are online and you are predominantly booking for yourself, if however you would like a friend to also participate, please send them the URL to join up and you can both be on the same event.
As soon as the event has finished you can send a request to someone you are interested in and see in real-time if there is a match. If a match is made you can then request a personal one to one video call with that person at the same time or at a later date through us.
Refunds are available up to a day before the event is due to start after that time it can no longer be refunded. Just login and check your purchased tickets there will be an option to cancel.

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