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The dating industry across the world is a multi billion pound industry, where people are finding others to have relationships or become friends with every day of the year.

Our company facilitates the process by allowing users to meet a variety of different people online for a short period in order to gauge whether there is a potential to communicate further with each other.

For these meetings to take place, there needs to be people that advertise the business to potential users who want to meet others. In order to achieve this, we need people like you to promote the service and in turn you will be paid for the promotion of the events by getting a commission each time a user that you have referred joins an event and on top of that you could potentially earn a monthly cash bonus for the most referrals.

Our service promotes online video meetings only, so is completely safe to use, no need for our members to spend money going to a bar or other meeting places to sit down on a table and rotate through various tables meeting with people only to find you may not be interested and have to come back home disappointed, tired and more out of pocket through buying drinks and paying for transport, or parking for the duration.

People can usually tell if they are interested in someone else within a few minutes, so we allow our members to be able to send an interest request and if there is a match then they can have another one to one video meeting between them, all being well a new friendship will be formed, all down to your help in persistently referring your unique referral code across your social media streams and other places where you the affiliate feels we can work together to achieve our goal in bringing people together.

Lets work together to bring a brighter future for people that want to come together.


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