About Us

MEETMINGLEANDGO is a speed dating company who specializes in virtual events only in multiple different locations to bring people together

Our dates are done from home

Many of us can’t leave the house or actually prefer to stay in, however its still vital to have the opportunity to meet and chat with different and new people. The options for this had previously been very limited, but now with virtual speed dating you can easily meet a lot of people from the comfort of your own home.

Travelling ? No Need..

To have to catch a bus, train or pay for a taxi is time consuming and not something our company is advocating. Our events save you a great deal of money and a huge amount of time in travelling. If you have just finished a long day at work, you want to relax not get up and go out again. We want you to have an enjoyable evening meeting new people. A night out but from home effectively.

Fun is the key...

Join one of our events to see just how easy they are, we have an equal ratio of ten men and ten women on our events and they last approximately 40 minutes in total, you get to see everyone at the beginning just like meeting in bar then you rotate around each person and at the end you can see all the participants again and to send them a request if you are interested, no complications. We want everything to be simple but fun..


We do not advise to give out any of your personal details while talking on the first date and our company does not share any of the details you provide to us except your hobbies, region and first name, we keep everything down to you, on the second date if you get one, you can share your contact details how you wish via your own one to one video session. We have system inbuilt to report any user who you feel is being rude and this will be looked into we only want our members to have the best time.

Video Communications

This is the technology of now, social media lives on video's and people communicating, we look forward to you being part of the future and joining us for an enjoyable event. Sign up now and you will not look back..

We do hope you enjoy our organised events and hope you become a long term user whether to socialise or to find your perfect partner.

Anytime - Join from Anywhere